Welcome to my site,

where amoeba leave no fossils.

After spending a solid third of my teenage existence typing, clicking, and otherwise meddling around in the bowels of the internet, first on sites like Slate-Star, and then out into the broader weird wide web; it felt like time to jump into the deep-end and create my very own website. I hope that you'll have patience with me while I take my first steps into the world of development.

This site will likely amount to no more than a loose collection of my hobbies and whims, and/or testament to my fondess for free range digital environments, although, seeing as you're here I have to assume it unlikely that you'd hold that against me.

As you can probably tell, this webpage is still a sprout, but hopefully next time you check back in I'll have added something that strikes your fancy (more gargoyles perhaps?).

About me:

  • I live near the mountains, whichever mountains you're picturing.
  • I've been called "a good person to know if your truck's radio is broken."
  • I have an unconditional and profound affection for salmon of all species, with a special place in my heart for Sockeye and Chinook.
  • My favourite translation of Beowulf is that of Maria Dahvana Headley.